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Rural Tourism in Vilars Rurals Hotels

Program activities included for guests staying

We invite you to enjoy our Vilars Rurals (Rural Villages), a new concept in rural tourism, deep in the heart of Catalonia.
Rural hotels designed in a village manner, combining country charm and superb comfort.

Their fantastic country settings, with a tenant farmer, vegetable garden, farm and pond, will let you live a rural dream experience.

Culture, nature and history.
Salt mountain cultural park
The Cardona salt outcrop and distinctive scenery make this a unique site.
>Sant Hilari Sacalm
Adventure Package
Discover the Montseny area
>Sant Hilari Sacalm
Sant Hilari Adventure
Beside the Vilar Sant Hilari, live an adventure for the whole family!
WEEKEND BREAK - Adult Breaks
Meet La Terra Alta
Vulture watching
Witness this different and unique event.
In the heart of the Ports national park, descents on the Canaletes river
Via verda rambling routes in the Terra Alta county
Various routes over spectacular scenery with tunnels, viaducts, rivers...
Wine Cathedral
Visit the Pinell de Brai wine cooperative, built in a modernist design in 1919.
Company meetings  
Sant Hilari Sacalm
Vilar ACTIVITIES, and in the surrounding area
Company and leisure activities in the heart of the Montseny region.
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COMPANY ACTIVITIES in the Terra Alta region
In the Ports de Beseit area, there is a great variety of ACTIVITIES, outdoor and at the Vilar.
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